Legacy cayla kluver

Which makes it drag on even more. I loved Legacy mostly because at the time I thought it was well-written and it was written by someone barely a few years older than I was. Honestly, if I were in Hytanica, I would consider doing the whole country a favor and assassinating her.

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But at the same time I found myself skipping paragraphes and maybe a few pages full of details about mluver festivities, rooms or moods. Dec 07, Dark Legscy Tales rated it it was amazing Shelves: I hope the characters kick it up a notch or two in time for the sequel because, if not, I don't know if the story will be enough for me to continue on. I'm afraid that reading about her completely ruined the book for me, even though the book itself had an incredibly slow plot too caught up on the wrong things.

The only problems are with the story itself.

And Narian, who is the one I'm rooting for, is the only character I never fully met. As she grows closer with Narian, who was raised in a society where woman often hold power over men, Alera learns that she is capable of much she would never have imagined Oh how things change!

Seriously, I loved it. I love her details and descriptions; it is easy to get lost in the world of Hytanica. The details and description were amazing. I certainly can't understand why two guys are fayla after her, although I'm assuming that Steldor's affection is more because he wants to be king.

Legacy Series by Cayla Kluver

Alera, as crown princess, wishes that she could have more input but is hindered by her patriarchal society. Blah, blah, blah, basically.

In addition to writing, Cayla enjoys such activities as movies, theatre productions, singing, legqcy riding, and hanging out with friends. Whereas Llegacy didn't notice this in Legacy and was engrossed in the story, I did feel as if the pace was slightly affected in Allegiance. Caayla other words, Kluver either needs to fix her setting or fix her character, because either her setting is broken and eighteen year olds there really are as selfish and completely immature as Alera -- who presumably should be at least a little more mature than other 18 year old teenagers, being queen, married, and an older sister -- or Alera is just a broken character.

Alera is a freaking queen. Please note that I received an advanced egalley of this novel courtesy of NetGalley for the purpose of review.

And putting them down for making errors in judgment. It was very tragic at some times- but I absolutely loved the whole series. Torture, stabbing, war related deaths, some detail but not too kpuver.

Legacy (novel series)

Alera begins to secretly meet with Narian, who tells her of life in the other kingdom and the two begin to fall in love. I enjoyed this story as much as Legacy, the writing was still exemplary, rich and absorbing while a darker tone took over the book towards the end as war engulfed Hytanica.

And many of the characters like London and Cannon told her that she had "strength". The kluvsr development that went into Steldor led me to believe that the author would finally take this story in the right direction.

I believe this is a great first offering from a debuting writer who is so young. Most people who pick up this book or series won't be looking for or expecting to find a pretty good story about politics and war, but this one is.

This book felt a lot like the story line of Romeo and Juliet with as much intrigue as there was romance. I'm a big fan of romance in books, but sometimes it just doesn't work all the time.

Seventeen year old Princess Alera of Hytanica is supposed to marry a man who will become king and her father's choice is not one klyver wants. I saw many chances to see more of these characters, but that never happened. Pining after a guy who's told her to forget cayoa when Steldor--her husband--is right in front of her? And this boy was the one who charmed Alera, the one who made her heart beat faster Except times you see her worried about her female friends, the rest book is her worrying over small things.

But, Cayla was only fifteen when she wrote this, so I legach Legacy by Cayla Kluver is the first in the Legacy trilogy. Honestly its like looking into the mind of a selfish, idiot Honestly I can not finish this book.

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