Wira tunggal pendekar laut

Not sure if Warlord series are available, so far I see non-related characters for sale in there. Is it still available now? This post has been edited by cubiclecarbonate: Nov 11 ,

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He is Topeng Perak.!! This post has been edited by Phoenixwunin: On my way Group: The hero dies of old age and reunites with his love in the afterlife.

Wira Tunggal Legacy

Dec 24 Wira Tunggal LegacyFight Show posts by this member only Post 4. Penjejak neraka earring the key.

Look at all my stars!! Tolong lah upload ke google drive siapa2 yang ada koleksi tu. I've been looking for these.

Shazd Studio

P ni lagi satu ending cliffhanger. Nak baca balik pendekar laut punya cerita. I read that comics before.

Good work on Dunia Asura, dude! Middle of Nowhere Status: Btw, nice to see all Wira Tunggal fans here! Hikayat Maharaja Qin please. Pembela Delapan - perhaps the best series by Khoo Fuk Lung 60 issue currently 18 Juara Mega - a short lived story that start good but develops badly 36 issue currently 17 Legenda Dewata Awan Berapi - it's freaking Dewata Awan Berapi just buy currently 18 still ongoing This post has been edited by profpoyo: I read pendekar laut till end last time.

Welcome Guest Log In Register. Look at all my stars!! Nov 14 Still nak baca jugak. The only ending I like is Wira Tunggal Phoenix. Wow where and how you get all those figure? Ini childhood memory ni, boleh bagi anak2 aku baca nanti.

U mess with me? Also there are untranslated sidestories about Topeng Perak's origin and Pai Patin if that is the correct name who rediscovered the lost jurus Parang Neraka which later he forged into twin swords Alam Wira and Alam Semesta. Wira Tunggal Phoenix punya story nie. Show posts by this member only Post 4.

Download Komik Wira Tunggal Pendekar Laut latest Android APK

Anyway the plan that wunan made. Share on Track this topic Print this topic.

Xinan got robotic arms: Read latest posts or hide this alert. Share on Track this wida Print this topic. Show posts by this member only Post 8.

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