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You may want to try the Free Prediction to check for yourself. Thank you Alok sharma Alok gmail. For consultation on marriage, health, parents, children, occupation-profession etc. Hi I placed order for the forcast from Yes ican Change and asked for specific questions. The quality of report has gone down.

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It is a book that is a result-compilation-integration-compression of 5 books on ancient Hindu astrology and palmistry.

For every problem Indians seek some god to help them. You all are fools who ordered lal kitab. If you have money please help poor peoples or take care childs or animals that are hungry.

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Drik Panchang Private Limited. I m from bhatinda I belong from middle class family. These scamsters thrive because India is a land full of people with blind beliefs.

After once watching this Lal Kitab scam ad on TV I thought of searching on forums to see if vwshist have already been defrauded and not surprisingly I find many are.

Now even Indian scientists have sent a spaceship Mangalyaan to the planet Mars Mangal. As per the site I requested for a refund which I have not got till date.

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I was directed from one department to the other and was finally told that I can email them and if they see fit, they may give me a reply. Through the Free Prediction, lacs of people can benefit with nowadays easy internet access on mobile phones from all walks of life.

I called hd support number but they did not help.

Hi I placed order for the forcast from Yes ican Amriit and asked for specific questions. Vashist Ji lao Wednesday between 1: I agree gc r all fraud If you feel its scam then aware all about these scam on different social networking site like Facebook and twitter if they are not ready to respond. Dimag se kaam lo. Lal Kitab helps you in relating-interpreting and finding solutions for problems on aspects like MarriageHealthParentsChildrenOccupation-Profession etc. If you help some you already feel good and god will love you.

The original pioneer is said to be Pandit Roop Chand Joshi born Many resort to the Lal Kitab when solutions and results through other ways and sources are not found; often when many give up.

Colonel KK Sharma Mob Both have roots in Punjab. You do not need to take an appointment as this offer is on first come first get basis.

Please i would like to get a refund as there is no information in this book. I asked for a report regarding ggd.

Lal Kitab Amrit

With the hope to get right study by Mr vashisht I entered his room he saw my horoscope and wrote five six remedies which were already printed on the lal kitab when I asked about my health other question he never replied just after 10 minutes theek hai, theek hai bol kar finished the session without giving any satisfactory or single answer about my question and finished. You may want to try the Free Prediction to check for yourself.

It is jyotish book which is equivalent to Jyotish Tools or Astro Jyotish. This guy and nirmal baba and asha ram and shri shri whatever they are stupid, thief. Some examples, are like throwing coins in water particularly flowing riveroffering meals to single mostly young girls, nourishing and providing food for dogs sometimes black dogschanting-repeating Mantras, feeding Jwar like seeds to cow etc.

The reports are contracdictory at lot of places. It is a online generated report without any inputrs from Mr. I got my date of birth wrong in the report.

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