Shree ratnakar pachisi

As root cause of evil disease. The precious game of life. More hard than the stone is my mind. Dada Adeswar Ji Dur Thi.

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Book-Ratnakar Pachisi

Then there is no wonder about mine. Kadi Jo Garibi Radave. It does not make my mind wet.

From the world except thee. Did not bring the colour of monkhood. Sighha Chal Samru Sheela Shethiya. I make my heart empty. Having lost Jewels through. When there is no inclination nor the. Vitragi Ke Rangase C.

Form your moon like face O God.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Did not follow the strict religion.

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Of good natured man. Mera Jivan Tere Havale. Words from the preceptor. Faults of others were sung by my tongue. Though the nectar is flowing. Were disobeyed by Kushastra. Jinu Jinu Udere Gulal. Aa Rratnakar Angar Amara.

‎Shree Bhaktamar Stotra Ratnakar Pachisi by Various Artists on Apple Music

I was burnt with the fire of anger. O the beloved of God.

Navkar - Stuti Induben Dhanak. How can I devote thee? Did not put in practice, O God.

Jem Surya Vina Kamad Khile. I destroyed Navakar Mantra.

Did not earn fame. O, The pillar of three worlds. The past, the present and the future. But did not like to acquaint with death.

To complete the series of birth. Shrre Dev Arihant Namu. And the Faia Charming Ladies. Through sleep and Idleness.

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