This version will not evolved but customer installed based is still supported. The Polling process update the status of the object located in the directory, in the map, in the Health Control Center and optionnaly in the Active View. LoriotPro can also receive event messages called traps from managed devices and warn the administrator of exceptions or problems by playing a sound, sending a console message, or by highlighting or blinking an icon in a map.

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A composite name contains the MIB file name and the object name.

The MIB files are not very easy to understand and manipulate. When you select a host in the tree structure, you can attach tasks or functions to that host.

Free Edition of Loriotpro

Loriot is available since and is used throughout the word by thousands of users. Another use of the Active View that displays the devices located on the first floor of an hypotetical building On each Active View object you can attach a user defined contextual menu with your preferred actions.

You can also configure threshold that are conditional display of events based on event counters. LoriotPro integrates innovative concepts to provide a new way of representing the enterprise network. Displaying a report is an immediat view on device status or configuration. It gives the administrator the power and a user-friendly way of quickly handling IS devices. Monitoring without administration cannot guarantee the responsiveness you need to maintain a system in production mode.

Criteria can be technical the IP address of the host but also organizational the room and plug number where your PC is connected. Version - Release V8 - be Posted date: Among the possible display modes are: This free snmp manager is and ideal product for testing purposes, snmp tests and validation, snmp concept learning.

It is now possible to display for each event or trap a window with detailed information and description. MIB files describes what can be monitored in a particular device.

Introduction to SNMP management with LoriotPro software

These fields are frequently used in the private enterprise Traps to define the involved failed component. Download LoriotPro V8 all editions site 2 Canada. Buy a licensed product key.

The 10 Trap optional fields are completed by default with their MIB definition and their value can be set individually. This innovative process integrates a mechanism of conditional polling that gives the administrator complete control. The 4 LoriotPro Editions are freely available for download under the single installation file below. A dedicated Service is now able to resolve the address of these hosts given a known DNS name.

It also allows you to delegate the monitoring of part loriotprro your resources to third parties without revealing your entire information system and your tree organization. It helps you monitor the status of your IS resources, warns you of problems, provides a variety of reports, focuses on specific equipment, and much more.

LoriotPro Datasheet

Version - Release V7 - bw Posted date: You are able to know how many events of a certain type for a certain host has been receive since the last counter clear. Seconds after you set up the flag, you can display it in a graphic. Leigh Vincent University of Ballarat - Australia.

This free snmp manager is and ideal product for testing purposes, snmp tests and validation, snmp concept learning.

Furthermore, in the past few years intentional failures hackers and human error have been added to the hardware and software failures that administrators must deal with. This free snmp software is pad enable. Follow this link to download the Broadcast Edition. You will have with LoriotPro a lkriotpro development environment based on the LUA language for the creation of your own applications. The conventional topological representation is included lpriotpro well as a very new logical view in an organizational tree, which contains the enterprise structure and all its active network and host components.

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