Since there are two Adapters on your Sharing computer, you need to select the adapter that has an IP address other than the April 10, at 7: April 11, at In the above information, we are displaying the PPP adapter's information, which would be the dial-up Internet connection information. Click on the Windows Start button, select Run and type winipcfg.

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Winipcfg information and help

Thanks for your registration, follow us on our social networks to keep up-to-date. The program will show the IP Configuration window with the following fields:. The quickest way ainipcfg get to it is to right-click the My Computer icon and select Managethen go to the Shared Folders node.

In the event that winipcffg would be network connection problems, winipcfg can help in diagnosing and repair in certain situations. My experience is that MSFT changes things with great discretion, because you have decades of software that still has to work.

Techopedia explains Winipcfg Winipcfg. If more than one adapter is present in the computer, use the drop-down window to see the other adapters' winipcfh. Thanks to DJ Baumgardner for the tip! Compliance is Not Enough: Do you know why?

Find a Network Term. In the above example, we are displaying the 3Com 3C90x Ethernet Adapter on our network adapter card.

The sysadmin swore loudly at every Vista machine they setup for months. Containerized Development with Docker. Systems Monitoring for Dummies: April 8, at 3: The utility program is accessed by typing its name on the Run menu in the Windows Start panel.

I think this "Manage" context menu item is one of those secret handshake shortcut that might prevents people winlpcfg Microsoft from seeing how the Control Panel has become daunting to users.


This seems to me winilcfg be the sensible implementation, since otherwise authenticated clients could cause all sorts of havok by writing lies into the DNS. April 10, at 7: The other has a graphical user interface GUI form that makes it more user-friendly and it is able to display individual information for each network connection.

Eric TF Bat says: If there is an issue, I would like to figure winipcfv out. I just use ipconfig. I have worked as a Software Engineer since Today This Week All-Time.

The winipcfg Command : Networking

Additionally, we had an app I think it was netmon to let you view people currently accessing your shares. WindowsWindows XPwimipcfg later versions of Windows do not use this command.

When Windows XP came out, winipcfg was winupcfg by two methods that do the same thing. More of your questions answered by our Experts. An ipconfig example can be viewed here.

The winipcfg Command

Now, we have ipconfig on the command line and nothing like netmon. Thanks to DJ Baumgardner for the tip! The problem seems to be when you have multiple adapters. You say that the Repair button "unregisters from DNS".

In this case, "authenticated clients" means any Windows box that has been added to the domain, presumably by an admin.

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