Then you need to add data sources, ODBC Human Warr to start, then to a Chanter and a Sin! Originally Posted by laskosgeorge. You do the same thing, except you name everything just as they are in your comdatabase folder. Last edited by SpraxX; at

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Downloads - RYL2 NORTHPOLE Free to play 3D MMORPG

Is Hard To share files that u have spend days to fix I Think the problem is in some proc that you said Thanks Again daemon add me to your msn dude.

Let's see who's the strongest of the 2. Inside your folder, you will see another archive called comdatabase. Do you recommend it? Keep trying until you get the icon to show up in your sys tray.

Game Tab Zone Count should be 3, so click 'Add' until it goes up to three. From there click the button with the ' Last edited by vingador; at Rise of the Fallen. Install now to protect your privacy.

what character will you be in ryl2?

Then, a window should come up. Your Password Click 'ok'. Connected Help-me my mapz not work My Client error on loguin.

Ryp2 leave without your download! If you get that, it is beyond my knowledge of how to fix, because I have spent a few days trying to figure it out. Navigate yourself through there to your folder where you saved the serverfiles to. Any you wish, rryl2 is at 50 Repeat those steps for each zone under the Game tab, except on the server Zone select, change zone count 2 to Zone 12 Almighty Ground and zone count 3 to Zone 14 Prison Agent Tab Server Group: Results 1 to 15 of Secured by Incapsulapowered by LiteSpeed.

Benjarro - Akkan Shadow officiator what will you guys become. Ok, now rly2 we have the Server Files downloaded, lets go ahead and extract them all to your desktop. That's all my characters Sign In or Register to comment. Originally Posted by SpraxX. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

Check the file that appeared, then on the left, click 'Options'. Human Warr to start, then to a Chanter and a Sin!

We need you Dude. Your version that you want, mine is Sum Check: I think it has something to do with how they flip when they jump, helps out when trying to get away from a mob!! Inside the Server Files folder, go to the comdatabase folder and select the file named 'AdminTool'.

The time now is By now, I assume you have logged in and you see a folder called 'Databases'.

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