Deichkind krawall und remmidemmi

They might be a local phenomenon but it would be a good thing for the world if this quite intelligent concept will find imitators all over the globe. This subject is always a matter from time to time, definitely. You started with garbage back costumes now you have suits that are made out of smart phones, it seems. This page was last edited on 17 October , at

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But, in the end, making music and bringing joy to the people is always the most fun. Either way you go the hard slog which coasts an immense amount of time or you have a massive international hit.

EDM soundscapes meet ironic and critical lyrics. Exploring new things has always been one of our main motivations. Dsichkind the peak of the night a wise DJ deichkidn play a strange German track that basically consists of a pumping hard techno beat, a dirty bassline, a little cowbell and some unintelligible raps in German language. Retrieved 19 April Even not topping it would top it if you understand that. Songs are here to make your own opinion out of it.

Powered By Emotion Hip hop electro electropunk. Of course, the show aspect could definitely work in China. Retrieved from " https: Illustration by Stefan Ibrahim. I got a bit tired of just performing on stage.

Like Mich Am Arsch Retrieved Krwall 13, Do you feel a certain pressure to constantly top things?

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Enter Leider geil in the field Titel. Universal Music From until now: It was the time when crafted and eloquent German hip hop language finally found its kradall voice.

That was exactly ten years ago. Nothing is stupid enough and the band only knows what the Niveau Weshalb Warum shows will bring.

Krawall und Remmi Demmi by Deichkind Song Statistics |

Enter Befehl von ganz Unten in the field Titel. I respect them for their honesty. Does rfmmidemmi also count for the lyrical content? Like my ass literally: They were basically broke and on the verge of collapse when they changed everything.

Making an actual song out of the particle of a thought is the hardest part. Bitte ziehen Sie durch.

Hell yes, their last show even featured a gigantic beer barrel that rolled through the audience. This page was last edited on 17 Octoberat The kids from the dyke: Your shows are colourful celebrations if extravaganza. But you have to work hard on this. Befehl von ganz unten was Deichkind's first hit album, selling more thanunits.

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