Axehammer marching on

Edited 04 January Five out of eight are great songs as the other three are adequate. Please join or login if you have joined before. We hope you enjoy your visit here.

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I understand that original vocalist Bill Ramp had to step down due to illness, I just miss his gritty affectations and ability to make the songs resonate more. All Rights Reserved No part of this this website, including design and music reviews, may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Overall, this is an excellent album, which suffers from poor production, and less than exceptional songwriting, but axhammer still deserves recognition and praise just for the fact that the band are still breaking down the walls, and that despite all odds they continue marching on!

Breath deep marchihg dark wings of fire and fretboad transition, as long term member Jerry Watt continues to deliver his sacred waver with each swing of his axe, hammering salacious steel chords into our mettle hearts.

The Dragons Fly 3. Five out of eight are great songs as the other three are adequate. Seven years later, they deliver Marching Onperhaps a title that reflects their perseverance. Users online MetalDaveCampbell45 guests Welcome to our newest member, fwrjwtnyh He can sing, scream, and hit those high notes with ease.

I did not know about the band prior to this, and I have supported them since. We hope you enjoy your visit here. For a band that has existed for over three decades, and only released three albums, they definitely have to deliver quality material.

Axehammer - Marching On - Reviews - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

And my first question is, "What the fuck happened to his hair? From the first song we can figure out that there will not be any guitar sawing or heavy deathly riffing only classic harmonic passages. For American 'true' metal, Axehammer's Marching On delivers the classic heavy and power metal goods. No lyrical themes are typical of the genre: Axehammer delivers basically no frills, straight up, American heavy and power metal.

Axehammer - Marching On Axehammer. Cemetery, axejammer longest track, gets bogged down in that very length and it's likely the weakest link here. Though organized in the early Eighties, California's Axehammer has had a spotty recording history. However, sometimes his sustained higher notes can sound like a vibrato warble.

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Nevertheless, for American 'true' metal, Axehammer's Marching On is good stuff. Share this on Facebook Share this on Twitter. Edited 04 January The music is mostly speedy power metal with a rugged galloping rhythm section and lots of spicy traditional guitar solos. Walk Into the Fire 2. These wind riders of destiny re-awaken the fire that burns within us all to axrhammer True Traditional US Metal.

Welcome to our newest member, fwrjwtnyh I must also comment on the deplorable production, which sounds more like a demo recording, than a full-length release.

Here armed with sword and shield, they step outside the myth and mystery and almost take a macabre horror stance, as they deal with marchijg subjects.

Axehammer - Marching On

MT Facebook Follow metaltemple. There first full-length album, Windrideronly arrived in While dancing with demons in his head, never sedentary drummer Joe Aghassi is destined to deliver that punishing and pulsating blow until the living end. Swing the Steel 4.

This song fucking rocks. Overall great album and effort by AXEHAMMERI can only say that part of some Production glitches like always the band did a great job on all aspects and I hope that we will not have to wait another 7 years for the third.

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