Fotofusion v4

Introduction to FotoFusion V4. Performance FotoFusion is now faster and more memory-efficent than ever. Projects can be fully digital, or combine paper materials with digital output.

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For example, add a coordinating smart frame to your perfectly cropped photo, or a multi-layered tag with your own text. Sports Cards Eight more Sports Card templates now available. Come see FotoFusion demos fotofuson benefit from onsite license purchase discounts new licenses, upgrades at the following conventions at the following shows.

Projects can be fully fotofuaion, or combine paper materials with digital output. Performance Color profile now applied to layouts exported to psd [] Enormous speed improvements for search hovers e.

Grid Settings The grid has been made smarter, with presets, display and snapping separated, and customizable color. You have received this message because you have subscribed to the LumaPix:: Forofusion tasks are facilitated by FotoFusion's unique special features: Click here to unsubscribe; your email will be removed from the subscriber list and you will not receive future messages.

Introduction to FotoFusion V4

Borders and Frames New additions to the existing borders and frames collection. Business Cards New customaziable business card templates are now available. FotoFusion Version 4 represents a major development in the FotoFusion story. After six months of effort, another dot release of FotoFusion v4 is here. Panels now snap and resize more intelligently.

FotoFusion Newsletter - 23rd Dec Click here if this page does not appear correctly. Custom yearbooks can be created from templates and thematic embellishments. For a complete list of bugs fixed in this update, please visit the LumaPix Forums.

Interactive Frame Reorder Dragging the 'arrange' control in the frame toolbox interactively re-orders the selected frame.

Digital scrapbookers and pro photographers are able to enjoy creating completely original works of art, or use elegant templates. Introduction to FotoFusion V4. Invitation Cards A brand new section with invitation card templates.


Templates -- a perfect page of coordinating elements, ready for your layout talents and images. Conceived initially as simple image layout software to make collages from a set of images, FotoFusion has now evolved into a sophisticated tool for professional photographers, digital photo enthusiasts, yearbook publishers, paper and digital scrapbookers, and crafters of all kinds.

LumaPix is respectful of your privacy and will never sell or share your email address with an outside service, as detailed in our privacy policy. Kits -- a diverse collection of coordinated elements which you can arrange from scratch, suitable for creating an entire album.

Paper scrapbookers and crafters can benefit from downloadable coordinating elements to match with their perfectly-sized photos and text. These include scrapbook-style pages, family history projects, and pro-templates such as wedding albums, z-cards, class composites and senior portraits.

Projects -- step-by-step guide to creating a project, through the use of templates and preset printer regions. FotoFusion helps you get the job done with elegance, speed and creativity. Home digital enthusiasts are able to print elegant pages at home with perfect results every time.

This update focuses on speed, memory usage, stability, and some frequently requested features. We've been listening to fotofjsion feedback and responding with features and bug fixes. Performance FotoFusion is now faster and more memory-efficent than ever.

Decorative Swirls Over unique and stylish swirls and decorative items. You can access them via 'Quick Start' located at the bottom in Marketplace.

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