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In contrast to empirical reliability prediction methods, which are based on the statistical analysis of historical failure data, a physics of failure approach is based on the understanding of the failure mechanism and applying the physics of failure model to the data. Each reliability prediction module is designed to analyse and calculate component, sub system and system failure rates, including Mean Time Between Failure MTBF , in accordance with the appropriate standard. The parts count method assumes typical operating conditions of part complexity, ambient temperature, various electrical stresses, operation mode and environment called reference conditions. However, the objective of reliability prediction is not limited to predicting whether reliability goals, such as MTBF, can be reached.

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If the parameters cannot be determined without conducting a test, the failure data obtained from the test can be used to get the model parameters.

Since it is a chemical process, the aging of a capacitor such as an electrolytic capacitor is accelerated by increasing the operating temperature. Several popularly used models are discussed next. According to the handbook, the failure rate of a commercial ceramic capacitor of 0.

Several models are similar to the standard Eyring model. In this article, we will provide an overview of all three approaches.

Powerful and user friendly Telcordia telecom standard reliability prediction software. As mentioned above, time-to-failure data from life testing may be incorporated into some of the empirical prediction standards i. So the result of 0. On the other hand, with the life testing method, since the failure data from your own particular products are obtained, the prediction results usually are more accurate than those from a general standard or model.

The Telcordia standard also documents a recommended method for predicting serial system hardware reliability.

Accurate prediction of the reliability of electronic products requires knowledge of the components, the design, the manufacturing process and the trr operating conditions. According to different physics of failure mechanisms, one more term i. Generally, chemical reactions can be accelerated by increasing the system temperature.

The life testing method may also be preferred over both the empirical and physics of failure methods when it is necessary bellcofe obtain realistic predictions at the system rather than component level.

The models allow reliability prediction to be performed using three methods for predicting product reliability: Method II is based on combining Method I predictions with data from laboratory tests performed in accordance with specific SR criteria.

Click to Request Price Quote. Black developed an empirical model to estimate the MTTF of a wire, taking electromigration into consideration, which is now generally known as the Black model.

FAQ: What is Telcordia (Bellcore) SR?

These predictions provide necessary input to system-level reliability models for predicting expected downtime per year and system availability. The physics of failure and life testing methods can tg used in both design and production stages. It can also be used for:. The empirical or standards based methods can be used in the design stage to quickly obtain a rough estimation of product reliability.

Reliability and Maintainability Symp. At the end of the s, J.

SR - Reliability Prediction Procedure | Telcordia

Figure 4 shows the data and calculated parameters. When using SR, you may need to refer to GR The models allow reliability prediction to be performed using three belcore for predicting product reliability:. Time plot and calculated B10 life for the analysis. In using the above models, the model parameters can be determined from the design specifications or operating conditions.

Bellcore/Telcordia Predictions

Some parameters in the curve function can be modified by integrating engineering knowledge. Therefore, the prediction is usually more accurate, given that enough samples are used in the testing. First, we will discuss empirical prediction methods, which are based on the experiences of engineers and on historical data. Permanent damage accumulates each time the device experiences a normal power-up ttr power-down cycle.

Since electronic products usually have a long time period of useful life i.

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