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If MioPocket's language hasn't been set, it will be set from the locale that CE is set for. Since I started going that route I will never change back, and you get the added bonus of the bitmap images being smaller in size in terms of the size of the file. MioPocket Lite xtyler Module. This page was generated in 1,03 seconds. I really like it and want it, the one I am currently using isn't as nice.

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These scale to any resolution x, x, x, anything. Congratulations to all on a major accomplishment. Also, in my opinion, the "Text quality" option under "Transparency" should not be set to anti-aliasing, because it doesn't make that much difference in our Mio devices should be set to "Default".

Miopocker, this is the skin I was talking about. This prevents confusion when the shell rotates, and also, surprisingly, the app under full resolution mioocket the black background behind during the time of use: I'm thinking because I have the updated firmware and these hacks have miopockst blocked out I'll look towards releasing an update soon that will make MioPocket Lite look even nicer. Osprey and Tronik, my respect! I am really impressed with you unlock though, not only in terms of looks, but also with functionality.

You are doing what I have always said people should do, which is customizing an unlock to best meet your needs and visual appeal. Part of me has always regretted going with that approach, since obviously based on your usage it proves to be a very handy tool. You can download these modules seperately and install them either before or after MioPocket Lite has been installed.

Also configured the PowerButton app to run MioPocket's "Display off" script for miopocoet defined devices so that the lock screen is used when pressing such devices' off buttons.

Still, it's recommended to miopockey using the scripts because they free up about 1MB more memory, which is also 1MB more than could be freed up in previous releases. This way people will be able to get more info on your unlock, see some screen shots, and whatnot.

There's much more than just that, though. You're going to have a lot of fun with this one.

Turn your GPS into a (MioPocket) PDA

I got a prob with the minibar. Replaced the volume control utility with one that has a mute button miopockket removed the muting behavior when it's launched.

In the coming month I am done with the Simple Unlock, so if you want to take it over by all means. Kiopocket is most welcome.

GpsPasSion Forums - MioPocket (Unlock for GPS devices)

Automatic registry backup should no longer display an error if the backup cannot be written ex. In fact, I went the opposite approach and have spent more time trying to eliminate it than to use it. This page was generated in 0. Also made it so that choosing Cancel in any of those sub-menus throws you back to previous menu, not to the root menu of MioPocket Settings.

I'm sure that it won't take very long at all for people to understand what's so nice about this new shell and some of the reasoning for the switch.

Turn your GPS into a (MioPocket) PDA

Then I used LK These system files are only installed to your flash drive if you indicate during configuration that you will be using an SD WiFi card. Edited by - mathwiz on 31 juil.

I like your work, now you just need to find a way for more people to access it. MioPocket Lite has now been updated to version 3. You should reserve at least KB for such purposes.

But I still don't know what will happen during longer flights. For more information and answers to other questions, please read the whole Readme file. Also, removed Doom, which will now be in the Old Games Add-on.

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