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Parts composed of bone are, of all the tissues of the body with the exception of the teeth , the most imperishable, often retaining their exact form and intimate structure ages after every trace of all other portions of the organisation has completely disappeared ; and thus in the case of extinct animals affording the only means of attaining a knowledge of their characters and afifinities. Sometimes, as in Man, the greater part of the articulation is above the suture ; or, on the other hand, it may be, as in the Monotremes, below the suture. The vertebral column of the Sloths is remarkable for the extremely broad, flat laminae and short neural spines, lyin backwards on the next succeeding vertebrae, throughout the whole column down to the sacrum. Besides these principal laterally projecting processes, there are often others arising from the side of the arch, more especially developed in the lumbar region, though by no means constant even there.

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Fredro Starr Fifth verse: When Jay heard the songs he was like, 'Yo, I love the group'. Bacdafucup is a groundbreaking hip-hop album, that brought to hip-hop slamdancing , the grimy voice and the bald head fashion.

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Of course it was useless. Syd has since won over both critics and the general public. Listen to the gentle persistence of "Wolfmother" or "River Sister" as they instill their entrancing melodies, reaching deep into the soul, while "Hi Life" and "Lost," thanks to their arrangements, both sound like instant classics without forsaking any of their unquestioned originality.