Lupe fiasco bmf

July 31, Reply. Sadly, this is not something I can give Lupe credit for. From the streets, n-gga Triple ogs, told me to teach, n-gga And that ain't made up, that's a fact They say that gangsta shit, is the shit I rap Look who I attract, look at my inner circle Buncha street n-ggas, and a couple Urkels Look at my fan base, oh, yes Fuck what Pro say, look at this protest Where they do that at?

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Lupe Fiasco — B. How he rapping like Rick Ross??? More Lupe Fiasco lyrics. Obviously Pro touched a nerve….

B.M.F 'Building Minds Faster' lyrics - Lupe Fiasco original song - full version on Lyrics Freak

Jason Evigan Paris Tokio Change ft. Yeah, I mean c'mon. He rapped on beat like he was supposed to, but he took that shit a whole nother direction that Ross dudes. Not the slave one, Decaprio's either Hear bkf waves come, they started in the bleachers So I'm swag surfin', the pool's getting fiwsco You still sweet though, here come them room keepers Ok I'll be the strings, you be the shoes But guess what what?

Tell me what's gon' happen, when them stores close Luoe ain't gon open up, no more Yeah that's the realest shit You gon' feel dat, hungers yo' enemy But you can't kill dat! Lupe Fiasco — B.

Your email address will not be published. Lupe is the 2nd best artist out of Chicago ever to Common. I could forgive staggered, stilted delivery if the lyrics themselves were of good quality.

He should have threw Huey P and Fred Hampton in there.

THE LEAK: Lupe Fiasco – "B.M.F. (Building Minds Faster)"

I merely want oupe encourage him to do better and deliver the high quality material that fans such as myself know him to be capable of. This one for the fans here Jack.

HuffasHell is truly the epitome of a Chicago hater. Can't search for water, or viasco your own food! Definitely a lot of quotables and references in that free-for-free. Despite this, I am still highly anticipating Lasers and I continue to believe that it will be worth the wait.

Have you ever seen videos of a person that slips and seems to stumble endlessly before finally falling over? Fuck what Pro say! You think thats by mistake? They can't stop dat? Check out my website if you want some lpue about anything from Hip-Hop to Beer Pong.

Ultimately I appreciate those who choose to be lu;e beyond the constraints of what the people want. There are a number of things working against this track from the outset.

Prolyfics new name is Probitchfit.

Now they Jimmy Choos I wear the pants, you in the Poohs Fiazco shit meows, my shit awoooooos I got a fifth floor, call me Brother Man Africa the set, yeah, that's the Motherland For that bp, I she'd fifty tears In Nigeria that oil been spillin' for like fifty years "Fifty years? Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? July 26, Reply. That nigga is lost….

Ed Sheeran Mazinger feat. Excluir playlist Cancelar Salvar. Nigga wake up, don't join the army Kill your own peoples, but fear Illuminatis And they ain't even real, or are they? Matthew Santos Daydreamin' Unforgivable Youth feat.

Gon' gimme some, a lil' more beat Call yo' friends around, then call the police!

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