Fi hagat

Various Jiji Lamara exec. The latter has also been a promotional tool, posting updates and news about the then-upcoming seventh album. Sfeir presented three songs in this album, each of which marks a special feature of the album. Before the release, Ajram explained that she has her bets on this song to be a big Khaliji hit, and it indeed received the most positive reviews from critics since her Khaliji hit "Mishtaga Leik" in Pre-release promotional campaigns for 7 were huge; billboards featuring the album cover filled the streets of Lebanese and Egyptian cities in late August

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Critics also welcomed the traditional vibe that Nancy has maintained since and still maintains to date, but still explores new musical styles and subjects. September 6, "Sheikh El Shabab" Released: Adapted from the album liner notes. The success of the album exceeded the Arab world, since it took first places in Virgin Megastore Paris, France. Alwatan Voice in Arabic. Sfeir's final song, "Hkayat El Deni", is ballad that deviates away in topic from the previous love songs of the album.

More than ten songs of 7 enter many charts on the internet or on Arabic radio stations. By using haggat site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The song, which is viewed stronger on the lyrical side, received less positive reviews than "Bayaa We Shater" did. Lyrically, the record speaks of love, admiration, heartbreak and relationships, subjects that Nancy had spoken about in previous sets.

Nancy Ajram - Fi Hagat (في حاجات )

Critics gave 7 largely positive reviews, favoring its shift to more modern and global sounds, and its ability to join these sounds with fo music and 90's Arabian themes. Betfakkar Fi Eih There will be a shift to more serious songs in terms of lyrical content, as well generally calmer music with both modern and traditional sounds.

Various Jiji Lamara exec. My album will include many new changes.

Nancy 7 - Wikipedia

The whole album, however, leaked on the internet and become available for download on dozens of forums on September 2, and the company accidentally announced the release of bagat album on that day. Nancy 7 Media notes. Rahim also presented two Egyptian songs of the lighter, simpler context, "Okay" and "Einy Aleik" which was rumored to have been the old album title.

The lead single"Fi Hagat", is her first ballad to be delivered as a leading promotional track. Before the release, Ajram explained that she has her bets on this song to be a big Khaliji hit, and it indeed received the most positive reviews from critics since her Khaliji hit "Mishtaga Leik" in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Assawsana Newspaper in Arabic. Ajram promoted the album majorly online, via her official website and Facebook fan page, which is the biggest Arabic fan page on the site.

Mostafa Aslan — guitar tracks 1,2,6,10,16 Ahmed Ayadi — tabla tracks 1,6,9,11,15 ; daf Ayadi's band track 9 Hisham El Arabi — riq tracks 1,6,9,11,15 Farouk Mohammed Hasan — accordion tracks 1,2,6,9 Reda Bedair — ney tracks 1,2,6,11 Anwar Abu Hassan — guitar track 2 Mahmoud Souror — rebab track 2 Ali Shaker — buzuq track 2 Tamer Ghonim — strings conducting track 2 Raymond El Hajj — percussion track 2 Maged Souror — qanun tracks 6,11 Mohammed Sakr — strings writing tracks 8,9,11,15 Yehia EL Mougy — strings conducting tracks 8,9,11,15 ; violin track 15 Ahmed Ragab — bass tracks 8,9,10,11,15,16 Amr Tantawy — guitar tracks 8,9,11,15 Diaa Bader — percussion track 10 Rami Samir — drums track 16 Waheed — buzuq track 16 Roger Moukarzel — photography Tony Haddad — digital mastering Georges Yucef — graphic design.

Retrieved from " https: She planned to embark a world tour to support the album in the summer, but her pregnancy with her second child caused the cancellation of many tour dates and shows. The feat was never reached before. Music Nation in Arabic.

Nancy Ajram - Fi Hagat || نانسى عجرم - في حاجات by Jamal playlists - Listen to music

To promote the album, Nancy went on an Arabian leg of her tour and was featured at multiple shows. Influenced by the 70's Western disco musicwhich is a brand new style for Ajram. The album spent eight consecutive weeks atop the Virgin Megastores physical sales chart in Lebanonbefore being knocked off the hagaat by Fairuz 's comeback album Eh Fi Amal.

Walid Saad presented Ajram with three songs initially, one of which "Sallemouly Aleih" was excluded from the album and released as single months ahead. In this touching song, Ajram hagqt, the lyrics refer to her relationship to her parents and how much more she appreciates their efforts towards her now that she became a mother herself.

Fi Hagat (في حاجات ) (English translation)

With the second single, "Sheikh El Shabab," the album continued to break records when the song debuted atop the chart, replacing the first single. Laha Magazine in Arabic. Nancy 7 has sold over 8 million ffi worldwide as of June This is the first best-seller for Ajram that does not include a cooperation between Samir Sfeir and Tarek Madkour.

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