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Keep up the good theming you guys! Great work and will look to purchase after you update. I'm going to implement some more features before I update it so if anyone has suggestions feel free.

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NextGenUI: A Mind Blowing Theme for iOS 7

The extra hardware boost helps a lot with the performance. Here's a theme that I've been working on that's inspired by the interfaces of many next generation games this theme uses both DreamBoard and WinterBoard to create a unique interface. For a limited time "Aura LS" is included, this will be a separate purchase in cydia.

Hey I'm actually the author and I've got a promo page for this if you are interested http: Log in or sign up in seconds. Looks awesome though and right up my alley. Frederick Carlis January 31, at No plans on selling any themes, just wanted to make them to share; even so am going to be re-doing all the graphics on anything more advanced then this. Great work and will look to purchase after you update. No they're notification and they appear on or next to the icons as they would on springboard.

I'll probably be able to do more good there, but wanted to get some experience with this first.

Anyone here actually bought it and tried it out? I did think to myself hheme I was writing this that it would be handy just to see what he did so feel free to message me a copy if you have one.

Colour customisation was an idea I played around with, I wanted to do something where you could set the exact colour you want, but if I do the only way at the moment would be to have set colours to choose from, so I'm still putting thought into nextgebui. Thanks for the clarification, GroovyCarrot I've now re-added the.

NextGenUI [A HD Theme]

The only part of the Praxis theme I had left were the "iPhone" and "iTouch" rings; because I through them to be appropriately generic. If the established community is hostile to new people offering contributions, I guess I might as well not bother.

Message the moderators to get Designer flair. This happens sometimes during editing ttheme apps and makes it unchangeable until you respring or reboot. This looks as though you took it to the next level.

Dreamboard NextGenUI [A HD Theme] : iOSthemes

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Theming Help

Submit a new text post. Will release in cydia for a whopping. Nextgeuni be willing to give you the code to figure out how it was fixed.

Nodes can be added, removed, resized and changed on the interface using interactive gestures. Submit a new link.

Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Tueme news stories delivered to your inbox. I'll see what I can get together and sen you the code. Makes the theme experience even better. This thread should be removed.

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