As the quality of the segmentation is crucial for any further editing, we recommend you to verify the automatic segmentation and to edit it if necessary. However, the quality of the result depends greatly on the recording. Vari Audio in 9.

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These segments are graphic representations of the notes sung.

VariAudio (Cubase Pro only)

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Other monophonic recordings, such as saxophone, may work well. For small moves VA is easy and does a great, quick, well integrated job. Vari-audio is fine, and so convenient.

Mostly avoid using the 'Straighten Pitch' slider and rely almost always on 'Pitch Quantize'. Windows 10 Pro 64Bit, Cubase 9.

Not for large moves for creative reasons like pushing things up or down a third or more Before you can edit the pitch and correct the timing of monophonic recordings, Cubase must analyze the audio and split it into segments. Once this is done, VA is really pretty clean. I would like an ARA2 implementation, though.

To make this crystal clear: I've wanted this for so long I've given up asking for it. Related Concepts Manual Editing of Segments. Due to the data gained during segmentation, the audio and thus the size of variadio project can increase. That's why we come to these boards, to share and to learn - and those are all great tips from you, for anyone reading, when using VA.

Works for me every time when working on new pop songs. Then when you open VA, you can choose to view the note colors by chord. Dave Abbott Entertainer Musician Producer cricket iafrica. I think it's great. Anyway, all good stuff - and always hoping that Fariaudio add more enhancements to VA as each new version update comes along; but that may be a pipedream now, as they come to the conclusion that simply adding Variausio support has many win-win aspects, for both SB and users alike.

The VariAudio features are optimized for monophonic recordings of vocals. I have to say, I already use quite similar methods in my workflow - I guess it was just that phrase you used 'undo the parts' that prompted my curiosity; that there may be an even quicker way to 'backtrack' on your edits I'd somehow missed It will then display in Red the notes that are off.

However, the quality of the result depends greatly on the recording. So, variauido workflow, both great. Note The VariAudio features are optimized for monophonic recordings of vocals. It also avoids the 'T-Pain' effect on transitions between different notes.

So is the Vari-Audio quality in Cubase 9. Logic X, Studio One 4 and Reaper already have that. Give us ARA and it will be editors' heaven! And is it actually better variaudioo than 7. Unfortunately this can be a piece of work - it is in Melodyne as well!

variaudoo No registered users and 10 guests. Avid S3, Avid Artist Transport. This leaves the start and end of the syllable untouched and natural sounding so you can tune quite hard without sounding TOO artificial.

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