Add another scanline algorithm, made by pseudonym. No idea if this is right, but there must be a reason some register writes aren't effective for a few cycles after key on, and this seems likely. Avoid the freezing of the window when a plugin failed to open.

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Due to the very big list of affected games, I couldn't test the vast majority of them, and so your help would be appreciated in testing. Ivy Bridge Core i5 3.

Hide the "Disable GS output" option epu2-x-1.1.dll it's currently broken. If you use a destination alpha test and leave alpha writing on, the GS will only write each pixel until you write an alpha value which would fail the test.

Problem with PCSX2 (spu2 plugin)

Shattered Memories, maybe others. First iteration of the experimental read-ahead system. The rempty case should now be unnecessary except in case of bad register settings, but that's outside of our control so it needs to stay until code's added for that case. Fixes Futurama Issue It has a large latency with DirectSound compared to direct use and XA2 isn't available at all.

Only corrected where the palette is read this fixes "Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV"writes to the CLUT may be handled the same way, but so far no game has been found broken because of this. Also cleaned up the DMA change made in r and added a small comment of explination to why it is now right: It might be possible to shuffle vertex index to put the last vertex in first position.

Now just makes sure VIF is stopped before it swaps direction either way. PSX games don't work yet: New optional gamefix detects when a full motion video runs and temporarily switches GSdx to software rendering mode. Some people loads older shaders One of the most powerful spy2 in the English language is my least favorite word: Not sure on the impact for the new time stretcher algo. Portable was already OK: Fixes Metal Saga menus and should fix Fahrenheit, too.

Some games use volume slides combined with reversed phase.

HAF Advanced ik 4. Thanks to KrossX again, these are great: Multiple cheats files at the "cheats' folder can be loaded, as long as they begin with the CRC and end in '. Allow changing the language at any time. Here some stats on colin3 90 frames: It's appalling that this is in the state though. Latest SVN's at your dpu2-x-1.1.dll.

I have all of them for PS2. New simpler time stretcher algorithm. Use the simpler psmain0 shader in convert. Adding an option for the de-alias filter implemented in r, currently overemphasizes the psu2-x-1.1.dll so it's disabled by default but I like it for some games: Support of all PCSX2 shortcut.

Tips with two easy steps to remove SPU2-X-1.1.DLL file.

Spu2-x-1.1.ldl finally fixes the flower-petal bug in Radiata Stories and hopefully the clouds-bug in VP2 but havn't tested. Moved some stall related logs to DevCon sole as games that trigger them will slow down.

P If you don't want it doing properly, give it to me.

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