Lepa brena stakleno zvono

Unlike the previous incident, this injury did not require surgery. Brena was hospitalized on 27 July when she complained of pain and was diagnosed as having venous thrombosis, a blood clot. She identifies as Yugoslav and has called herself Yugonostalgic. After that, she recorded two more solo albums:

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Hajde da se volimo 2 and Hajde da se volimo 3which was followed by the studio album Boli me uvo za sve.

In earlybrean the age of 19, Fahreta began lpa with a band called Lira Show when the group's original singer Spasa left the band because her husband, a boxer, did not want his wife to be a singer.

Ja nemam drugi dom and Grand Production — She was hospitalized for five days and spent her month-long recovery at a local hotel. Bato, Bato and Hajde da se volimo — Brena was hospitalized on 27 July when she complained of pain and was diagnosed as having venous thrombosis, a blood clot.

Lepa Brena - Stakleno zvono

In Augustshe was forced to cancel three months of scheduled concerts to deal with further complications with her illness. She was again hospitalized on zvoono July while at holiday in the Croatian resort of Novi Vinodolski where she fell down the stairs and broke both arms.

Her mother Ifeta died 21 Novemberaged In the month after that album's release, Brena premiered two other songs: In a interview, she stated that she is still healing from the trauma of bena incident. The music video for "Ti si moj greh" had an ancient Egyptian theme, with Brena dressed as a pharaoh.

After that, she recorded two more solo albums: I was and stay what I am. This idea was successfully implemented in when the motion picture Hajde da se volimo was filmed. She said in an interview: Bato, Batotheir third album, was released the same year.

Lepa Brena - Stakleno zvono SPOT by Elvis Oho Begic - Listen to music

While a guest on a Croatian television show in Marchshe was asked if she was ashamed of having a Muslim name, to which stakpeno replied: Lepa Brena - Jugoslovenka - Official Video A similar incident had occurred in October when a blood clot in her hand was removed. The song was released on an extended play of the same name, along with another song.

Several tabloids claimed she had converted from Islam to Serbian Orthodoxy stwkleno had changed her name from Fahreta to Jelena. She remained in the hospital for three days, then was released. Their second son Viktor was born 30 March On 23 Novemberthe couple's elder son Stefan was kidnapped by members of the Zemun mafia.

Сръбско 2011 Lepa Brena - Stakleno Zvono, Official video Spot 2011

Siddhesh Zvomo Editor I am a simple man trying to live a simple life!!!!!! On 2 JanuaryBrena again fell down the stairs during a family vacation at Zlatibor and hurt her wrist.

Lepa Brena and Slati Greh held more than concerts yearly, and would often hold two concerts in one day. Brena became co-founder of the Serbian record label Grand Production, which was formerly known as Zabava miliona ZaMin December He was buried in a Muslim funeral three days after his death. Although they did not qualify for the prestigious European competition, Lepa Brena and Slatki Greh won the contest, gaining even more popularity.

She later reflected, " It was the only time in my life that I've ever experienced stage fright. Brena broke her leg in a skiing accident in November and it took six months for her to heal.

Lepa Brena - Stakleno zvono lyrics + English translation

She identifies as Yugoslav and has called herself Yugonostalgic. Controversy In the turbulent years of the late s and early s, ethnic tensions started rising in Yugoslavia and eventually brwna to the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

In addition to the title song, the album had a couple of other hit songs:

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