Chalga hits 2011

For a more comprehensive list, see List of Bulgarian pop-folk singers. Playing in groups at festivals or weddings, these performers initiated the popularization of chalga. A particular example of inadequacy in seeking commercial success is the incorporation of the anthem of the Bulgarian army into a song.

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The processes of liberalisation in the country allowed the Chalga genre to deal openly with more provocative displays of sex, money, as well as profanity in general similar in attitude to the rap or hip-hop music videos. Articles lacking in-text 20011 from October All articles lacking in-text citations Articles using Template: The phenomenon of chalga in modern Bulgarian folk" PDF.

This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Chalga music videos often feature a wealthy man chlga spends money on promiscuous women and insinuate that they engage in indiscriminate sexual acts. Balkan brass Bosnian root Ganga music Balkan ballad. His shocking public behaviour and announcements, alongside his undisputed musical talent boosted his fame and he is considered by many to be the king of the Chalga genre.

Those who did not abide by the ban and continued to listen to western radio stations were sometimes fired or even sent to labor camps. In today's Balkan peninsula, chalga is the general name for a new dance music that is a complex mixture of various musical styles and traditions. However, constant competition among for media attention singers and reliance on displays of sex, drugs and the use of vulgar language has left the public with negative attitude towards the genre.

Still, many Bulgarians are shocked at the obscenity of the lyrics and the degrading effect on their culture and community. Nazi Germany-allied Bulgaria was invaded by the Soviets in and was under communist rule for forty five years. Bulgarian music Serbian folk music Greek folk music Balkan folk music [1] contemporary Macedonian folk music Arabesque music Balkan brass music Balkan pop dance-pop Eurodance pop.

The eastern music of Byzantine tradition in history, became very close to early Bulgarian Chalga music. The local communist apparatchiks denounced western influences that Bulgarians had enjoyed including jazz and promoted its own folklore instead.

Music of Southeastern Europe the Balkans.

Chalga has become popular in "Chalga dance clubs " and Chalga-oriented pubs. Views Read Edit View history. Today Pop-folk record companies collaborate with various partners, mainly from other Balkan countries, giving in to the popular world trends of RnB and Hip-Hop, as well as dance, techno, house and even dubstep and drum and bass, making this type of music more popular abroad.

The Soviets banned western music such as Elvis and the Beatles, because they were deemed evil and immoral. Their worth is measured solely by huts ability to seduce men and fulfill their sexual desires.

Debora - Seksapilno 2011 BG Chalga HIT

Chalga or Pop-folk texts, although sung primarily in Bulgarian, can be sung interchangeably in many languages and Bulgarian Chalga or Bulgarian Pop-folk have been subject of covers in a multiple of languages.

His provocative and inappropriate public displays of nudity and homosexuality along with the vulgar lyrics of some of his songs and his flamboyant clothing played a great role in controversially popularizing the genre internationally as a typical Bulgarian music.

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Often a Chalgadzhiya would not be able to read music, but instead play from memory on his or her Kaval an end-blown Flute.

The early years of the 21st century gave rise to the star of Azis in the Bulgarian musical scene. Although, some had only several years of success, many of the stars of the early Pop-folk years became icons for the genre.

Debora - Seksapilno BG Chalga HIT - video dailymotion

Chalga is often criticized for its tawdriness, loose morals, [11] the shocking look of hots singers, [12] its disconnection from Bulgarian music traditions i. A new generation of musicians adopted the genre and grabbed the public spotlight, performing daring and overtly sexual songs not allowed earlier. Whilst in the People's Republic of BulgariaChalga was challga by the ruling Communist governments. Current Chalga music didn't emerge until with the collapse of communist rule.

Chalga music attracts tourists that don't understand the lyrics mainly because of its rhythm and beats.

Some chapga Chalga especially degrading of Bulgarian culture because it validates the sexual exploitation of women. While discouraged in Bulgaria, and not played on official radio stations, a similar nits of music called Turbofolk in neighboring SFR Yugoslavia was met with less restriction by the Yugoslav official media. Chalga venues are largely criticized for not regulating entry by underage individuals and for failing to protect its customers from sexual assault by promoting sexual interactions.

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