Alpoko don the ol soul ep

We rely on your support to keep POW alive. The world really asked for that acapella like that. You remind a lot of people of Scarface. That was my gospel.

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I was trying to get myself together, have myself a little family and whatever. Put it like this: I just came off tour in France. Are you going to continue with that porch freestyle aesthetic?

We rely on your support to keep POW alive. I guess I met somebody…I mean I had a couple samples of it.

The Ol' Soul EP

So Scarface has always been an inspiration for me, and since we sound alike, I reached out to him. I like to osul it in the studio, but I get my work done first. I had done time in prison…I never really wanted to be a rapper. That was my gospel. How did you spend a normal day in prison?

Alpoko Don - Ol' Soul EP (Trailer) [User Submitted]

What were Pharrel and Timbo calling you for? By the way you rap, it sounds like you read a ton of books.

You know, Scarface has been a big, big inspiration. Where do you get some of your inspiration for the vivid details in your raps?

Who was filming you doing those original porch freestyles? Even the name of my next album is Straight From The Heart. Mahalia Jackson, people like that. I was trying to sharpen myself up, I never said I was gonna get out and do something with it. After serving almost a decade in prison, Alpoko Don came home to Greenville, South Carolina in May of and started banging on his porch with a pen and rapping to it.

Despite being covered by Pitchfork, the project garnered too little overall attention. Yeah we did alpko all. I did eight hte in prison for some assault charges and stuff, dp out and my homeboy was just recording me and he started putting it up on Youtube. I got an old soul, man [laughs]. When I came home, I was looking for a job.

TIDAL: Listen to The Ol' Soul EP on TIDAL

I never said I was gonna be a rapper. What kind of music did you listen to growing up in the house? I got tired of everyone saying I sound like Scarface. The world really asked for that acapella like that.

I mean, they was trying to pull me in. Yeah, that would kind of defeat the purpose. I rapped with other people, had songs with my cellmates and other people. But I love Timbaland, I love Pharrell. I just go in there and do me, man.

Mjeezy he worked with Wayne. I really keep it to myself. I got an old soul, man [laughs] Do you want your music to have a certain impact?

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