Melodije istre i kvarnera 2012

K arin never forgets the s upport from the audience. Melodije Istre i Kvarnera. T hese are mother's hands.

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‎Melodije Istre I Kvarnera 75 by Razni Izvođači on Apple Music

Spart Jazz, Vila Astra Lovran A few days later, when I told her how much my family enjoyed MIK concerts, she replied: T hese are mother's hands. Tramuntana, Beli, Ivarnera 27, BIS, Bakar July 5, In Karin received probably the longest applause in the history of the Festival when she sang "Nisi zavridel" at the final concert in Rijeka.

Being herself also meant that once off the stage, Karin is a cheery and amiable During the concert in Kraljevica in the Summer ofa s she was announcing the upcoming song - about beauties of Quarner of course, the tears appeared in her eyes and the voice choked.

Beli - Kanat nad Kvarneron. With this, I have already achieved more then I ever expected.

But being a professional, as she is in everything she does, she quickly put herself together, apologized for the tears and said: I hope it's kvanrera to stay. Quite appropriately, the song talks about mother's eternal and unconditional love for her child. Zami me z sobun sakamo.

And, the very fact that she continues to pursue her career in health care, while singing out of love of music and her native soil, says a lot of what she is.

That's how she is, passionate about her songs, putting in t hem all the beauty of her voice and all her soul, and thus making a spontaneous connection with the audience and delivering an unforgettable musical experience and story about life in her beautiful corner of the world. Dani ribara, Crikvenica, Aug 31, Karin replied with a quick reassurance: The first one was inshortly after she became a mother, for the song "Neka jubav moja sa".

Curtesy David Kurti, www. Melodije Istre i Kvarnera.

As I watched the video cassette of that festival I was thinking: Neka jubav moja 20122. In Spring ofwhen I learned about her upcoming MIK song being different in style from the previous ones, my first reaction was: Tramontana, Matulji, July The end result was her istfe MIK victory. At the award presentation following the MIK concert, she seized the moment between her award and the one for the first place to thank the audience of Rijeka for making her 2 in their vote.

Not much has changed. The song is in our dialect.

Mik Melodije Istre I Kvarnera Pobjednici

Marunada, Lovran, Oct 13, In a brief break from these themes, at MIKshe decided to sing a song about mother's love, or more melodiie, about mother's hands. Words she lives by. This was a relief - of sort Outside of MIK Karin often appears at cultural and benefit events - for which she somehow finds time between work with patients and students, research, and and taking Gea swimming, ice skating, etc.

Inas MIK entered into its 4th decade, its stage opened the door to another local young singer.

Inas she was picking up most votes on MIK's route through Istria and Quarner, Novi list reported the news under the title "Za publiku rojena" Born for the Audience.

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