Fairly legal s02e11

How could you think that I would ever hurt her? That's why you went back to Justin, because he's safe. That's why the California police wouldn't let Nevada P. But if I have to put Arnel on the stand, that is exactly what's gonna happen.

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I'm really here to broker an agreement that we can all live with. She's not tairly to "broker," she's here to decide. Jacob Matthews, you are under arrest - for the murder of Carmen Cedeno. See, this is exactly why we need a decider.

You know, they're hiding something.

Fairly Legal S2 E#11 - 1 Available subtitles - english | opensubtit

How's your stepdaughter feel about that? He knows you went to Justin's.

Ah, speak of the devil. Nevada's ready to hang that boy. This is complicated, and I can see how you legak get emotionally invested in the whole "justice for all" angle, but this is a criminal investigation best left to the experts.

So, Joseph Craig is guilty of a hate crime? A client with a situation.

Fairly Legal s02e11 Episode Script

So now tell me he didn't do it. You know how you have a tendency to blow things up you really shouldn't? Final autopsy results leal be in tomorrow.

The victim, Carmen Cedeno was Detective Cedeno's sister. But if he loved her, why would he hurt her?

And I can usually tell when people are lying to s02e1. We'll be right there. I'd say it was more strategic than that, and artfully executed, - if I may say so myself.

It's not a date. From the wrong side of Tahoe. Where we met that day. That's all it s02w11. We all did California and Nevada but we didn't find her. I knew you couldn't just pick a side and then fly home. Found it up there today. And you never stood up for me. How was your trip? Look, I didn't do it.

Justin, what if they find him not guilty, and he walks? But he doesn't own me.

How did you get this? How did I not anticipate that you would complicate this otherwise simple task? Because I'm telling the truth.

Okay, but it's it's not like we're back together though, right?

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