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By just about any measure, Microsoft had a pretty good Here's how to set up your VM and avoid a few gotchas. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. A well-hidden option in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview menu PC Settings, General, Make the standard keyboard layout available lets you add a full standard keyboard that contains the normally hidden extra keys. Here's how you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade.

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Splashtop's website has links to a few versions of the streamer software. You can opt to start the streamer automatically when the desktop boots. It's free to download from Splashtop's website and easy to install.

By default, the app will choose your iPad's native resolution. We've been fans of Splashtop's remote access apps for quite awhile, so when we heard the company was working on a new remote desktop app for Windows 8we jumped at the chance to take it for a test drive.

With so many people already owning iPads, Win8 Metro Testbed may be an ideal way for them to have the Windows 8 tablet experience without buying an actual Windows-based tablet. The Splashtop Streamer includes the option to connect the Windows 8 client to a Google account, so that you can create a remote connection over the Internet. How to keep customers happy and make money in By just about any measure, Microsoft had a pretty good You need to enter a Google account.

Apps snapped into position smartly, and there was no noticeable lag for common gestures like swiping from the right for the Windows 8 Charms menu or pinching to zoom an image. Beyond using the keyboard, Win8 Metro Testbed gives users access to all of Windows 8's multitouch gestures.

Win8 Metro Testbed is an excellent app and provides a great Windows 8 user experience on the iPad. You also setup how you authenticate from the iPad to the desktop in the streamer interface.

Run Windows 8 On Your Apple iPad Using Win8 Metro Testbed App

What will you get with a Microsoft consumer subscription? We didn't notice any problems while using the Windows 8 gestures, with the exception of dragging and dropping icons on the Metro interface. We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. The combination offers a remote connection that is surprisingly responsive and mrtro to the Windows 8 experience. The company also enabled you to connect over the Web via your Gmail account.

The company assured us that an Android version is also in the works, though.

I connected in seconds. Severe performance hit trying to access virtual Windows 8 machines. Over the past few years, Microsoft has embraced the Android operating ila with surprising enthusiasm.

I was able to perform all of the gestures that a Windows 8 tablet supports. Also, don't try and be sneaky and download the Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad app, which only costs about 5 bucks now on sale.

A single-tap launches a keyboard in a session and double-tap launch the control bar. Once Splashtop is installed on the iPad and the streamer is installed on the desktop, you have to configure the streamer. Here are my predictions on what that subscription The version I tested is 1. What went wrong, what's next Microsoft's grand browser experiment flopped in the marketplace, so the company is turning to an unlikely successor: I was so comfortable using a remote session of Windows 8 from the testbde, that I was able to type notes for this review in Windows 8 while testing.

Download Win8 Metro Testbed iPad App: Run Windows 8 On iPad [App Store]

Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. But when it began to open on our iPad, there was a significant amount of slowdown.

Because Splashtop is so heavily dependent on your Web textbed, it's difficult to determine where performance issues mehro the app start and stop. Microsoft released the Windows 10 October Update on October 2, then pulled it days later.

In portrait mode, the remote desktop only displays in the upper-half of the iPad's screen. First off, forget about remotely connecting to a virtualized Windows 8 machine; performance is crippled to the point of uselessness.

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