Namami yamuna maham

Remember your video choices. Shri Yamunaji is a daughter of Sun and victories. Shri Yamunaji, I wish that you give me such a blessing that it gives peace and happiness to my mind.

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She is favorite fourth queen of Shri Krishna. Want to watch more videos for this song?

Alka Yagnik - Yamuna Mantra (Namami Yamuna Maham) | Play for free on Anghami

To win the love of Shri Hari, we also worship you like the gopies of yore. Shri Yamunaji, you are like Shri Laxmiji, who has good fortune.

Kishoribai was chanting only two lines from Yamunastakam with full faith. Her purpose for coming to earth from heaven through Kalind mountain is to bless her devotees. Yagnik began singing bhajans for Calcutta Radio at the age of six.

Shri Yamunaji blessed her devotees with eight fold powers. Please activate your account by clicking the link in the welcome email we've just sent you. Your banks are full of soft sand, touched by the lotus feet of Murari. Atostu tav lalna, Suradhune param sangamaat, Tavaiv bhuvi kirtita, mayam tu kadapi pushti sthitai.

Whenever Shri Yamunaji comes to earth from heaven, she blessed the whole globe. To make it easy to understand the meaning of all the names in jaham hymn, I have listed them at the end. She got her big break with the song Ek Do Teen from the film Tezaab Just by drinking your water in Vraj, we do not have to worry about painful death.

Serenaded by parrots, peacocks and swans, Shri Yamunaji yamyna all the regions she passes through. Your hamuna can become favorite to Shri Krishna just like gopijanas who became favorite by doing "Katyani Vrat. The song turned her into a star overnight and went on to become a nammi hit.

Log in with Facebook. She is classically trained, and has been one of the leading playback singers in Bollywood since the late 's. Shri — unisex honorific title, Goddess Lakshmi. Yaya charan Padmajaa, Muraripo priyam bhavuka, Samaagamanto bhavet, sakala siddhida sevatam. An unexpected error has been encountered. Even gods and demons worship you.

Taya ssadrushtamiyat, Kamalajas-patnee vayat, Hari priya Kalindaya, mansi me sada stheyatam. With such a divine body, I can serve Shri Mukund Prabhu very well. Tatastha nav kanana, prakata mauda pushpambuna, SuraAsursu pujita, Smara pitu shriyam-bebhrateem.

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Chanting this shloka with pure and honest heart gives tremendous mental peace and eternal happiness. Your banks are studded with sacred pilgrimage sites, such as Mathura, and are populated by gopas and gopies.

Whoever always sings this eight hymns of Shri Yamunastak with happiness and pleasure, yamunx get following fruits. In this shloka, Shri Mahaprabhuji describes that how Shri Yamunaji can bless her devotees to increase their love towards Shri Mukund Prabhu.

Yama — God of death, brother of Shri Yamunaji, son of the Sun god. Yamuna Mantra Namami Yamuna Maham 0: Watch artist interviews here. Shri Yamunaji is capable of giving all kind of achievements. The river water is full of scent due to flowers of the garden. If some evil person, drinks water from Yamuna river to quench thirst, she blessed that person also.

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