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One of these packages is the MKS Toolkit. A A trade-in credit for all of your current MKS Toolkit use licenses for which Maintenance is active, at list price, toward Concurrent Use replacements. Lawson Unix Utilities - Major problem Posted by: What is your role at MKS?

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If you do switch to LUU, you are rolling the dice with regard to past legal infringement.

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Unable to complete the action because of changes made to the page. Latest activity Commented on by Diane Diane view profile. I do ask that, if you continue to doubt that I am working on two entirely separate issues one being your licensing tooloit, the separate being the need of a named-user resetI simply ask you to search for all posts here on LawsonGuru that I have made.

Instead of guessing how many MKS Toolkit use licenses a Lawson customer requires toollit compliance and to run properly, MKS is willing to offer Lawson customers no charge temporary evaluation software, either Concurrent User, Named User, or both, to allow folks to confirm what is needed for each of their Lawson server types Production, Development, Test, etc.

The post by Rick MKS on the size of the sample discount is about as much mls you'd expect anyone to give up. Answer by Cindy Solomon Cindy Solomon view profile.

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The key is this: Essentially they are virtualising. Customers wishing to use Lawson Unix Utilities: They either were too negligent or too lazy to test their own product, and set proper expectations. Two others provide their own shell reimplementations.

It includes a shell that is POSIX compliant, along with just about all the features of the Korn shell, as well as over utilities, such as awkperlvimakeand so on.

The MKS Toolkit comes in various versions depending upon the development environment and the number of developers who will be using it. We have just upgraded from LSF 9.

I am now looping back to respond a second tooolkit. Also, please appreciate the fact that had MKS been able to confirm that our product was being over used prior to our release of MKS Toolkit with programmatic license compliance, we would have reached out to you sooner, and tool,it would have refused to accept any additional orders from Lawson, the moment that this issue had been confirmed.

Rick, not suggesting that MKS is not doing enough. That is, if you want to remain in compliance with your licensing agreement with MKS assuming you purchased a single license of MKS. I am a Business contact for MKS.

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Please take a look at Section 2, just under subsection 2. Thank you for your reply. Any input is appreciated! And as a result, if I can avoid this level of non-support in the future without issue, as well as remove one piece of non-lawson software in the behemoth that is a lawson system, all the better.

I think MKS would be wise to consider a site license model with some sort of routine headcount reporting for adustments. I didn't want to post that you had 94. progress, until you felt it was a done deal.

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Other requirements can be found at Lawson site. Last, and most important, we have never dealt with such an unprofessional person as when we had to deal with this Rick Willhite.

It's actually Lawson plus anyone else that needs shell access. If you have the ability to simulate multiple users, to a load similar to what you typically experience during Open Enrollment, we can attempt to better prepare for the real thing, etc.

Filter on S3 and Windows. And I don't think the issue is with "named" users. From working with other Git customers, it would seem that Concurrent Use is a better and more cost effective fit for most.

Are you saying that you are using an older version of MKS Toolkit with your environment? MKS licensing requires that you either license each named user of MKS or you can buy unnamed max concurrent licenses. Last I checked, they were waiting for a fix from Microsoft Specific examples are as follows:

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