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Initial observations and remarks As discussed above, neoklapa rhetoric revolves around Dalmatianness. Noticeably, klapa members are repeatedly filmed using low angle shots. Rather, seeing it as a cultural construct and performance, he proposes to look what lies behind the claims of the Mediterranean identity: Thus, the findings presented here would serve as a starting point in a more refined, multimodal analysis.

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However, the music video has been a research focus within visual communication studies Bergermusic and cultural studies Brummett ; Vernallisand adjoining disciplines since the s visual turn in the humanities.

I consider neoklapa to be a new cultural form that coexists alongside the more traditional klapa singing practices. Chiaroscuro technique and camera movement isolate the object and highlight it woman, wine bottle, etc. Outlining the topoi of neoklapa music videos, it cannot be emphasized enough that neoklapa is not homogeneous, either semiotically or discursively. Give Album or Song as Gift.

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Different models within neoklapa can be discerned, stemming from diverse interdiscursive influences and positions of different klapas. Kklapa further distinguishes between topoi of emotion and topoi of documentation as subtypes of content topoi.

With this particular selection of topoi, however, certain territorial, cultural, and identity claims were made. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

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Topics of klapa songs usually deal with love, familiar life situations, and the environment in koapa they live. This is also an instance of a recurrent presentational topos of beautification and romantization.

Therefore a comparison of neoklapa visual topoi with other, especially tourist discourse visual texts that revolve around the Mediterraneaness of Croatia, might be useful. Splih Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

Understanding the Stylistic Properties of Advertising Images. Share your thoughts with other customers. An Introduction to Visual Communication. Women are usually not portrayed in the tavern: It connotes retaining traditions and the unchanging world of organic community and oral culture.

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In lartenca to the position of the klapa towards the girl, their role is both that of narrators and participants: Sometimes, the addition is pleonastic and ,lapa result highly simulcraic. It seems therefore, that the Mediterranean, its tradition and heritage, as well as its quintessential summeriness and beauty, form an established set of stereotypes that exists in the Western imaginary and semiosphere. Today, klapa concerts sell out football stadiums, klapa forms a part of tourist offer, and nation branding campaigns include klapa singing in various ways2.

Examples of artefacts] 4. This is brought to attention by the age difference of the men usually klapa with whom she appears in the video. The usage of period narrative threads, ssplit by costumes and props, attests to this.

On the other hand, male actors klapa members or non-klapa actor as a part of a lovers couple ultimq portrayed as fishermen, sea farers, boat builders, etc. February 21, Label: Their clothing and actio facial expressions, gestures exemplify Dalmatian temperament and character cf.

On a ship, klapa members handle traditional nautical equipment a sea map, magnet, compass. The analysis presented in this section is based on 22 music videos by popular klapas released kapa and early In ports, on boats or even in the city, they handle or are surrounded by, fishing nets of different types, anchors, wooden barrels etc.

February 21, Release Date: Log In Sign Up. Dalmatianness in Neoklapa Music Videos: For example, consider the couple in the lovers topos as actors that simultaneously appear in a fambi shot:

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