Rayfire 1.60

Fixed bug in Reactor Explosion feature. Now RayFire use for them concave simulation geometry instead of convex. RayFire Shooting is back. Useful for simple quick simulations.

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Makes Voronoi frags more natural looking.

RayFire for - 3ds Max - 64 bit - Plug-ins - File Catalog - 3d-links

Fragment objects into complex clusters. RayFire Trace enables you to use a texture map to control how an object breaks. Allows you to use deformable objects as Unyielding objects and affect on simulated objects.

All fragmentation rollouts in another. RayFire Shooting is back. Minor build version now can be seen in the title.

Remove angle threshold spinner - defines maximum angle for two edge which shares middle edge vertex. Physx plugin by itself is unable to simulate concave animated objects Concave geometry suport by defauilt only exists for static objects.

Bake animation gayfire - bake fragments in case impact object has animation. Now You can use animated biped to collide it with Impact and Inactive opbjects.

Fixed bug with deforamble Unyielding objects. Size filter for simulated objects.

Demolition depth level property in custom RayFire properties. Allows to fragment only selected elements. Metals, Concrete, and Glass.

RayFire Trace object allows you to trace 1.06 into fragments. STL check selected - performs STL check on selected objects, suggest to select objects with errors in case found them. RayFire paid for itself with one push of a button. NVidia PhysX engine support.

Vfx Studio

Now you need only to pick Material, if you need to edit it's density, friction or bounciness you can do this in 1.60 Material Presets rollout. To use this feature set Iterations spinner to 0. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

Trace Maps link in About.

RayFire 1.60 plugin for 3ds Max 2009 – 2013 released

RayFire Asperity modifier allows you to add detalization to simple fragments. Ability to set material Id for fragment surface. CG Channel is part of the Gnomon group of companies: The system supports both photographic and procedural textures, and there are a range of control options — but as the video shows, you get great results essentially by slapping a stock image onto a model and shattering it.

Clean up scene from RayFire info - clean all objects from RayFire info. Fixed bug causing Max freezing and crashing. Enabled only with PhysX plugin 2. Changelog RayFire Tool 1.

Fixed bug with small objects fragmentation. Free volumetric system generates good-looking animatable clouds in real time inside Unreal Engine. Different material types for simulation characteristics: RayFire Educational Educational license provides access to all released features. Fixed bug which in some cases corrupted scenes.

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