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The battle of Badr took place in the 2nd year of Hijrah, therefore, rules and regulations relating to peace and a critical review of war have been made in this Surah. For the ease of the users and readers, he has made the application in such a way that, not even an Hadees or topic, but even a single word from whole Sahih Bukhari can be searched and within a blink of an eye, it gives you all the references from the Holy Book. Please upload the software on a more liberal server and mention it here so that we can benefit from it. When the Prophet returned from the Trench, angel Gabriel came to him in the early afternoon with the Divine Command; the Muslims should not lay aside their arms without dealing with the Bani Quraizah.

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But this review is quite different softwafe the reviews that are usually made by worldly commanders after a great victory. And, above all, it helped spread the immoralities which the Islamic Law wanted to eradicate. Allah created opportunities for making up these deficiencies in Al-Madinah. If you were to be reading, for example, Surah Ash-Shura ayah 11 it might come to your mind that the subject of the ayah includes the topic of tawhid.

For hundred of years people across the world have been attempting to elaborate this book and to seek more and more knowledge, principles and guidance and have been benefiting from this treasure.

The number of people who came forward to go to the battlefield was only a little more than three hundred 86 Muhajirin, 62 softwars Aus, and from Khazraj. It was winter, and supply of food and water and forage was becoming more and more scarce. I select Urdu's "Wa" to search Ayat for Waldain but record could not found anything.

In this combat the emigrants from Makkah were put to the hardest test because they had to fight against their own relatives, putting to the sword their fathers, sons, brothers, and uncles.

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The attack, therefore, could be made only from the eastern and western sides of the Uhud mountain, which the Prophet had secured by digging a trench. The wind softtware over the tents and put the enemy in disarray. All their big chiefs, who were their best soldiers and who had led the opposition to Islam, were killed in this battle. The Prophet waited for him at Badr for eight days; the Muslims during these days did profitable business with a trading caravan.

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X Mailing list SignUp Name: It should be noted that the developers of this application have committed months of development and taken special care to ensure the sacred texts contained in the Holy Book are preserved and displayed as accurately as possible, however if there are still any errors found, we encourage you to kindly contact us immediately so we can swiftly correct and update the application.

He advised them that if they found Bani Quraizah still loyal to the treaty, they should return and say so openly before the Muslim army; however, if they found that they were bent upon treachery they should only inform him so that the common Muslims would not panic. We assure you that not a single one of us will remain behind or forsake you, for we will not hesitate at all to go to fight, even if you should lead us to the battlefield tomorrow.

An adopted son was regarded as their own offspring by the Arabs at that time: From the other side, Abu Sufyan left Makkah with an army of 2, men, but did not have the courage to march beyond the town of Marr-Az-Zahran, now known as Wadi Fatimah. And the Bani Quraizah, on the other side, also felt that Nu'aim had given them the correct counsel.

The disbelievers were not at all aware that they would have to encounter a trench outside Madinah. Special Features of Search Quran Software. As soon as the marriage was contracted, there arose a storm of propaganda against the Prophet.

Tagging solves this problem. Its developer, Zahid Hussain has appeared in nuzooo TV shows e. They refused to send hostages. At last, they surrendered themselves to the Prophet on the condition that they would accept whatever decision Sayyiduna S'ad bin Muadh, the chief of the Aus, would give.

They had accepted Sayyiduna S'ad as their judge because, in the pre-Islamic days, the Aus and the Quraizah had been confederates.

Qurani Ayat K Shan E Nazool

Anonymous April 26, The siege was prolonged for more than 25 days. They could not withstand this severe blow of nature. Abdullah bin Ubayy, the chief of the hypocrites of Madinah, encouraged them to defy the order and refuse to leave Madinah. Account Options Sign in. Visit our FAQ for some ideas. I realy ilke the work of Mr. Worldwide accurate prayer times.

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