Flako the mesektet

Every day I discover something new that I either can, or want, to do. I picked Sun Ba as my favourite when really I have so many favourites on this release. Project Mooncircle is a Berlin based label and creative collective operating in the left-field sphere of electronic music. Is the divide between your material as fLako and as Dirg Gerner something that you take seriously? Streaming and Download help.

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Sunil Subramanian The offbeat snares, and the high frequency synth create a unique sound, that defines fLako. Doing nothing but listening to music seems to have become rare.

Mesektet Extnd

Every day I discover something new that I either can, or want, to do. How have te been spending your time recently — has it mainly been split between the studio and playing live? The Mesektet by fLako. Is the divide between your material as fLako and as Dirg Gerner something that you take seriously?

View more related articles. Mesektet Extnd is - as the title suggests - an extended version of previous album The Mesektetreleased in Shake It Harder This release includes a collection of previously unreleased or only digitally available works from the time up until King Hippo Although fLako has moved flaoo from this style, this is still a great album to have.

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It includes ten unreleased or digitally exclusive tracks dated from onwards, ones not featured previously on The Mesektet, to a mesekett of 29 tracks. Ideal for wonky hip-hop DJs, this reissue would be great to research in utilising cuts and interludes within sets. Flako project mooncircle Kristian Hatton HaarpMedia.

I love to collaborate too and have done so with inspiring people such as Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Robin Hannibal, or Fatima, and am currently working with Dimlite. DjLadyFunk Incredible since the begining to the end!

Peter And The Whale Purchasable with gift card. I saw your recent set at Koko and noticed that a fair bit of your live set is mesekteh through various pieces of gear outside of your tne. This hybrid combination of countries can be paralleled to his hybridity of production as fLako.


HIs music can roughly be described as a jazzy fusion of hip-hop instrumental boom-bap with shades of Brainfeeder wonkiness. With whispers of more material to come soon, we spoke to Guerra over e-mail about his thoughts on the importance of listening to music properly, collaborations with Seven Davis Jr, and trying to inject his personality into everything he does. Or browse results titled:. Especially for those of you who love bangers.

Yhe most informative guide to niche electronic music and culture-related topics. I have moved a long way from how I started when I was making music. As well as that, I find it important to give music the attention it deserves.

Do you try and give yourself quite a lot of freedom in the way you play your music live?

Flako - Mesektet Extnd - KKBOX

Did you find it weird collaborating? Kruger This is just ridiculously dope. Colors Of Love Lords Of Chaos All these great artists have spent so much time and personal effort on their recordings, and I find that too many people only listen to it superficially.

Do you feel like your approach to writing is different now?

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