Faze miyake 5000

The third is a skit where I was fucked out of my face and having the time of my life [laughs]. MCing, DJing, making beats. Talk me through the latest project, Evo , because this is your first proper release as a lyricist. This means no download links or leaked material , and no comments asking people to DM you the link. But even when you do stuff like putting music onto USBs, is that you paying homage to that past feeling of exclusivity?

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I'll try better next time. I was never really into, like, Jay-Z or Nas, so I always gravitated to stuff that sounds like what we do here. We don't want creators who only come here to post their own work or music industry spammers.

Posted on November 14, However, he still retains elements of a time when he grew up and the first grime generation were establishing themselves, shelling pirate radio sets and circulating exclusive dubs. A friend gave me Fruity Loops when I left school. Faze exhibits that same DIY attitude his ingenious USB-only releases are still staples of the culture as a nod to the heritage he grew up in.

Miake post links that are directly from the artist's account unless there is no other mirror.

Faze Miyake - 5000 432Hz

Do you believe you have a particular style of production? Have you got that tune?

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Do you remember your first ever mlyake My aim is to make hard music but, at the same time, make it sound nice.

Music is losing that aspect and people end up making the same old shit, rather than bringing new ideas to the table. Yeah, I always keep that element in my work in the sense of it being fun. I wanna do it all and take my artistry to the next level. Do not post links from music promotion channels on Youtube or Soundcloud unless the artist specifically chose to premiere the track on the channel.

Faze Miyake - '' : trap

It took me two years to learn how to find a new pattern. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I grew up around people who listened to jungle but the first genre I fell in love with was UKG, back in primary school. I thought Fruity Loops was amazing, man.

Faze Miyake - at RollDaBeats

Talk me through the latest project, Evobecause this is your first proper release as a lyricist. Being inspired is my main thing, and staying true. But even when you do stuff like putting music onto USBs, is that you paying homage to that past feeling of exclusivity? Them times, on Fruity Loops, you had something called a pattern.

Fruity Loops takes me back to those times of being young and enjoying music and having loads of ideas, whereas Logic is more pro now.

Fatima Brings the Exclusives

Piracy free zone, support the artists. My music is just London; whatever sounds London is on.

Imagine having a page in a book, you write on it and then turn the page. It changes all the time. I took a backseat from DJing to focus on being a straight-up producer, and even when I went on my Asia tour with Sir Spyro in March, we went studio and Ffaze guess I was doing that a lot in different countries.

Have you ever felt pressure to match their lyrical performances with your beats? I used to get kicked out of music classes for being a pest [laughs].

So I tried to add a bit myiake that to UK rap, which already has grime elements in it. Grime, back then, was really a street genre.

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