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Click on the banner at the top of the post or the link in this comment to see a chart showing the differences between the free and paid versions of CommentLuv. Thanks for this fantastic review of CommentLuv. The premium feature is great since it really helps to control my spam.

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CommentLuv Premium WordPress Plugin, Just Keeps Getting Better

Click on the buy now button below to use my affiliate link to help me out. June 13, at Suhas invites you to read oremium facts you must know before making money from blogging. I found your premikm really interesting and its quite informative. I know a lot of people balk at paying for stuff, but the premium version is by far one of the best investments you can make in your blog.

Both online checker and manual one work pretty well and now, I make it a habit to check every weekend. Portuguese Brazil translation fixed: So, that right there also limits who will comment,uv to install CommentLuv. Thanks you very much for this post. Become a Contributor Services. Free one is okay but with very limited features. Thanks for Sharing such informative article.

How have you been? With a simple install you will immediately start to find new and interesting blog posts from your own blog and community.

CommentLuv Premium Wordpress Plugin, Just Keeps Getting Better

Is Your Password Strong Enough? I have never used commentluv across my several blogs running right now. Otherwise, you are left with This feature will automatically send a notification to the commentator if their comment has a new reply. Sure, whenever you use plugins that are built around encouraging readers to comment, spam certainly goes up, but so do good comments too. This is a great one to use. Without any doubt, all those features make the commentluv plugin the best of all.

GASP basically keeps the spam bot away by adding a checkbox in the comment section which asks the commentator to verify if they are human or a bot.

So be careful with it.

However, I believe in my current hoster I premiu, not use the plugin. Keyword Name included free in Commentluv Premium. Shout out, Andy may be listening, lol. Advanced control over dofollow vs nofollow.

Thanks for this fantastic review of CommentLuv. Enter the text you want displayed in the comment for the link that is added.

Read our complete privacy policy. It is a more complex plugin than some. I had to rush down to brokenlinkcheck and I found out that I was having 7 broken links. Recently, Andy sent an updated version to his beta testers to test drive some of the new features he is adding to the already great plugin.

This Commentluv Setting allows you to give certain Commenters the right to include keywords in the Name. Trackback Validation Another great feature of CommentLuv Premium prejium that it allows to control trackbacks to your blog. No sharing licenses, not that doing so is a common problem. This widget is the Guest Blogger version — how handy is that!

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