Augies great municipal band

I like it, personally; sounds cool. Of course, the greatest part was when I finally saw the film and understood the context of how that theme could be portayed that way. Once again, observe please, the pure genius of John Williams.

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I definitely believe it is an alternate version of that sinister theme. If anyone wants to know more, I can post a note-by-note transposition of each piece into the same key for comparison.

That's always my favorite part. Everyone is jumping on this bandwagon, saying it's incredible how they're the same. But shortly thereafter, reports started coming out saying that Williams said that it was not planned that way and was completely unintentional. Grand Admiral ReeseFeb 13, Star Wars - Episode I: This is possibly because you are running an ad blocker or another browser extension that is preventing ads from showing, or are using browser privacy settings that do not allow ads to show.

But I've yet to find someone who isn't musically trained who understands me and accepts my explanation when I try to tell them exactly HOW it's different. I just felt someone should actually stand up and say that they are not actually the same piece of music, even accounting for a key change.

I like it, personally; sounds cool.

Augie's Great Municipal Band / End Credits

There are no hidden meanings. But maybe we'll get that when they get around to making a "Final Edition" soundtrack with lots of alternate cues and such.

I've always been rather fond of those types of cadences. The Great Municipal Band was a musical band composed of the finest musikagungsthe musicians of the swamp-dwelling Gungan species, mujicipal the planet Naboo.

Dark Lady MaraFeb 14, Little does everybody else know that they're only celebrating the beginning of the end John Williams Performing Orchestra: No, create an account now.

Yeah, who IS Augie anyways? So now that we have this forum, munlcipal discuss this somewhat controversial piece of Star Wars music.

Augie's Great Municipal Band at Stanton's Sheet Music Sound-Audio Clips

Bband can make any technical argument you please, but speaking as an "untrained layperson," I'd say what really matters is the way the music is understood by the general listening public. I had noticed the film version was different, but I hadn't noticed that the chorus part of Palpy's theme was only sung once in the movie.

The website or whatever could have been lying about that. The first two bars of each piece contain three notes.

Augie's Great Municipal Band - The Debate | Jedi Council Forums

I mean, yeah, it's obviously a different piece of music. Please sign in or sign up.

In other words, Augie is the Gungan's John Williams. Retrieved from " http: Grand Moff JokerFeb 16, The only thing I don't like about Augie's is that it's so short.

It's got a longer drum part, that funky part the choir sings while Jar-Jar and Co. Music is an art form, and the communication of ideas is more important than the actual structure, at least from the listener's point of view.

The vote is on! Anyway, I'm not here to debate it.

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